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Raw materials needed Specifications
Hydrochloric acid Purity:31% min, Colorless or light-yellow transparent liquid, blank test: 0.1% max
Sodium hydroxygen liquid 29.5% min(calculated as weight), colorless transparent liquid
Ammonia 25% min, colorless transparent or light-yellow liquid
Sodium carbonate 98% min, white powder, insoluble in water:0.2% max
Sodium hydrogen carbonate 98% min, white powder, water:0.5% max, finess(60 mesh):95% min, insoluble in water:0.2% min
Disodium hydrogen phosphate 96% min, white crystal
Mono sodium phosphate 75% min, white crystal, ph=4.2-4.6
Trisodium phosphate 98% min, white crystal, insoluble in water:0.1% max, ph>10, buffer ability: good
Hexameta phosphate Total phosphate:68% min, white powder or crystal, ph=5.8-6.5
Sodium acetate 59% min, white crystal, ph=7-10, buffer ability: good
Sodium nitrite 98% min, white or light-yellow crystal, water:2% max, insoluble in water: 0.1% max
Anhydrous sodium sulfate 98% min, white powder or crystal, finess (80 mesh):98% min, water:0.2% max,     insoluble in water: 0.1% max ,ph=6.5-8.5,
Sodium pyrosulfite 95% min, white crystal, insoluble in water:0.05% max, ph=4.5-5.5
Sodium sulfide 60% min, red brown, insoluble in water:0.4% max, iron content:0.15% max
Sodium chloride 97% min, white crystal, insoluble in water:0.1% max, ph=6.5-7.5
Patassium chloride 98% min, white crystal, insoluble in water:1% max, ph=6.5-7.5,
Zinc chloride 98% min, white powder or block, sulfate:0.01% max,
Chromic sulfate 23% min(calculated as chromic oxide), dark-green needle crystal
Colbate sulfate 15% min, red crystal with brown-yellow, insoluble in water:0.5% max
Copper sulfate 96% min, blue crystal, iron content: 0.4% max
Ferrous sulfate 80% min, green crystal
Cuprous chloride 96.5% min, white crystal, insoluble in acid:0.3% max, iron content:0.005% max
Calcium carbonate 98.2% min, white powder, water:0.3% max, finess(120 mesh):100%,
Hydrogen peroxide 27.5% min, colorless transparent liquid
Reactive carbon Dark-black powder, water:15% max, ph=4.5-7.5
Urea 46%min, white crystal  ,insoluble in water:0.1%max
Ethyl  alcohol 95%min ,colorless transparent liquid, methyl alcohol:0.2% max
Chlorosulfonic acid 98%min,colorless or light-yellow liquid
Thionyl  chloride 99%min,boiling range (75-80°C),Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid ,density :1.63-1.65
Amino c acid 35%min ,grey paste, insoluble in water :0.2%max
J acid Paste:diazo-value:42±2%, light grey pulp, gramma acid:2%max, bis-j acid:0%PowderDiazo-value:96% min, light grey powder, gramma acid:2%max, bis-j acid :0%
H  acid Paste:42+2%, grey ,insoluble in alkali:0.2%max,chromotropic acid:2%max,T acid:0.5%Powder85%min,grey ,insoluble in alkali:0.2%max,chromotropic acid:2%max,Tacid:0.5% max
D S.D. acid 93%min,light yellow powder, insoluble in alkali:0.08%max42%min,light yellow paste , insoluble in alkali :0.1%max
Bromamini acid sodium salt 95%min,red powder, insoluble in water:0.5%max,water:5.0%max
m-amino acetanilide 95%min,grey white powder, diazo-value :1%max
m-amino acetanilide hydrochloride 60%min,grey or light brown paste, diazo-value :1%max
m –amino phenyl urea 80%min,light grey powder, diazo-value :1%max
4-nitro-2-amino phenol 75%min,red brown crystal, insoluble in water:0.5%max (amino value-nitro value)/amino value:5% max
aniline 99.5%min,light yellow or red brown transparent liquid,water:0.3%max,freezing point:>-6.4°C
O–chloro aniline 98.5%min,white or amber oily transparent liquid
n-methyl aniline 98%min,light yellow or red brown oily liquid, boiling range:195-196°C
p-phenylene diamine 98%min, grey or brown block crystal, melting point:>136°C
2,5-dichloro aniline 98%min, grey white crystal, freezing point:>47°C
p-sodium amino benzene sulfonic acid 97%min,white or light yellow crystal ,insoluble in water :0,2%,aniline:0,2%max
m-amino benzene sulfonic acid 80%min,rice yellow powder, insoluble in water:0.5%max50%min,rice yellow paste, insoluble in water :0.5%max
o-amino benzene sulfonic acid 95% min, light grey or light red powder ,insoluble in water :0.5%max 70% min, light grey or light crystal ,insoluble in water :0.5%max
p-anisidine 98.4% min, light-brown transparent crystal, melting point:55-56°C, freezing point:56.5°C
o-amino benzoic acid 99% min, rice yellow powder, solubility in hydrochloric acid:100%
p-amino benzoic acid 99% min, light-yellow or grey crystal
p-base easter amino value:95% min, fat value:90% min, grey white powder(amino value-fat value)/amino value:5% max
m-base easter amino value:50% min, fat value:47% min, rice yellow paste(amino value-fat value)/amino value:12% max
Aniline-2,5-disulfonic acid 85% min, light grey crystal, insoluble in water:0.5%, trisulfonic acid:1.5% max
2-naphthylamine-disulfonic acid 30% min, rice yellow paste, tobias acid (paper chromatography): spot similar to standard
2-naphthylamine-4,6,8-trisulfonic acid 15-20% min, brown liquid, paper chromatography :spot similar to standardinsoluble in water:0.5% max, ph=7-8
2-naphthylamine-3,6,8-trisulfonic acid Dry product:85% min, white or light-yellow powder,Paste:45% min, white or light-yellow
p-nitro-aniline-o-sulfonic acid 80% min, rice yellow crystal, chromatography :spot similar to standard
m-diamino benzene sulfonic sodium Dry product:98% min, light-brown powder, paper chromatography: spot similar to standardwet product:98% min, light-brown crystal, paper chromatography: spot similar to standard
2-aminophenol-4-sulfonic acid 70% min, brown crystal
Salicylic acid 99% min, white needle crystal, water:0.5% max
Cresidine 95% min, light-red crystal, melting point:50-55°C
1-(4`-betahydroxy ethyl sulphophenyl)-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone Paste: iodine value:45% min, light-yellow,(amino value-iodine value)/iodine value:3% maxPowder: iodine value:80% min, light-yellow,(amino value-iodine value)/iodine value:3% max
1-(2,5-dichrolo-4-sulfonic phenyl)-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone Paste: iodine value:50% min, rice-yellow,(amino value-iodine value)/iodine value:3% maxPowder: iodine value:90% min, rice-yellow,(amino value-iodine value)/iodine value:3% max
2,4-diamino-6-sulfoniacid mesitylene Dry product: 85% min, rice white powderWet product: 35% min, rice white paste
Copper phthalocyanine 90% min, blue power, insoluble in water:0.5% max, water:5% max
Cyanuric chloride 99% min, white powder, insoluble in toluene:0.5% max
Tobias acid 90% min, light-grey crystal