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Chinese dye industry upgrade need to eliminate pollution problems

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Dye is one of the most closely related to human life, and its product attributes determine that this is a new industry which is the most direct driving force. 
160 years of development history of the dye proof this point. First is the human to the color of the pursuit, gave birth to the synthetic dye industry; and with the birth of new textile material, scientists have developed a suitable for polyester of disperse dyes and cationic dyes for acrylic fiber... Consumer demand for different dyeing process, different application areas, advancing with the times, to dye presents a variety of new requirements, dyestuff industry is constantly through product innovation, technological innovation and the development of growing up. It can be said that the modern dye industry is born with innovative original gene. 
This ultra conventional growth rate more rely on the expansion of production capacity and the introduction of technology to realize in the past 30 years, China dyestuff industry grow rapidly to powers of the first large dye production and export in the world, yield the fastest growth rate of nearly 30%. Period, the elements of technological innovation does not seem to play a role, no matter what you do, no matter what kind of process, enterprises can make money. 
But to this day, the development environment of China's dyestuff industry has changed a great change. Is not to do what products can make money, but also not what kind of process technology can be based on the market. On the one hand, excess capacity the FAQ profit margins fell sharply, earn much money; on the other hand, increasingly stringent environmental regulations also cut off the "three wastes" discharge of the posterior, backward pollution technology facing the fate of being phased out. At the same time, when we from the international most advanced technology level is more and more close, want to through the introduction to obtain with the core technology products has become almost impossible, for the introduction of technology enhance the level of industrial technology road has come to an end. 
In view of this, China's dye technology has come to an important point, if you want to add a strong word in front of the production power, it depends on their own. It is time to re activate the industry's innovative genes in the cell, and the current Chinese dye industry fully equipped with this ability. 
In order to achieve this, the enterprise itself must have a strong willingness to innovate, to take the innovation as the internal demand of enterprise development, rather than by any external pressure. The creation and industrialization of new products is the cornerstone of the future development of enterprises, but also to expand the market share and profit maximization of the source. The future, the dye industry will be a capital intensive, technology intensive, talent intensive investment, high return of innovative industries, China's manufacturing industry to enhance the creation of China will become the new normal. 
At present, China Dyestuff Industry transition upgrades face the greatest difficulties is how to effect a radical cure the pollution of "three wastes", especially in high salinity wastewater and waste acid, and to clear the ills of pollution the most powerful means is to develop new clean production process. By catalytic hydrogenation reduction instead of iron powder reduction process, in order to replace batch production, a new technology development and application of continuous production, from the source eliminates the "three wastes", and the cleaner production technology integration so that the original "three wastes" into resources, both to reduce the pollutant emissions, and improve production efficiency and resource and energy utilization. Only with this innovative technology and the ability of the enterprise, can survive in the dye industry in the Kingdom and the development of