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South Korea will start anti-dumping investigation on imported dyes from China

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Seoul's trade management agency said in a statement in October 19th that South Korea would soon launch an investigation into the anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese imports of dyes from China, and that the dyes from China had an impact on the domestic market. The South Korean Trade Commission said the committee was considering the application of Cozma's chemical company, which would include the import of titanium dioxide and its products from China into the range of anti-dumping duties. Last year, South Korean imports of titanium dioxide from China reached 90 billion won (US $79 million 300 thousand). Cosmo chemical company in the production of titanium dioxide has a monopoly position, the company warned that, although on from China's imports of titanium dioxide commandeered the punitive tariffs, but cheap imports from China have still continued, on the company's business bring negative influence. If from March 2011 after the withdrawal of anti-dumping duties, imports from China will rise, bring many adverse effects. Titanium dioxide anatase is a kind of pigment used in printing textiles. According to a statement on the Korean Trade Commission, after a thorough examination, the problem will be completely resolved, will conduct a comprehensive review to find Chinese companies still adhere to the unfair practice. South Korea in 2005 for the first time from China to import the import of titanium dioxide products, the acquisition of anti-dumping duties, but the scope of anti-dumping duties in 4.82-23.08%, according to different manufacturers, in 2008 increased to 4.86-23.08%.