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Transformation of printing and dyeing industry in Jiangsu: the road to the end o

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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; printing and dyeing industry in Jiangsu Province's economy occupies a important position, but also the major source of pollutants in Jiangsu Province one of, how to solve the structural pollution problems, ensuring economic and environmental coordinated development is a important problem that need to solve urgently in the construction of ecological Province. 
Printing and dyeing enterprises above the scale of Jiangsu has nearly a thousand, the total industrial output value of the province accounted for 11% of the province, is one of the pillar industries in Jiangsu. But its annual emissions of 3.38 tons of waste water, COD5.5 million tons, accounting for about 13.7% of the province's Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size, but also a major pollution in Jiangsu". 
Jiangsu provincial environmental protection department and the quality and Technical Supervision jointly developed the "Jiangsu textile dyeing and finishing industry waste water pollutants discharge standards", the printing and dyeing industry pollutant discharge standards from II to I. Requirements of all printing and dyeing enterprises in Taihu basin in 2005 before the major pollutants emission standards, the other regions of the printing and dyeing enterprises in 2007 to reach the first level emission standards. 
After an increase in pollutant discharge standards, "driven" effect gradually reflected: forcing some printing and dyeing enterprise consciously eliminated a number of water consumption, high pollution technology and equipment, drive the Jiangsu textile printing and dyeing industry a new round of technological transformation; to promote the rational distribution of printing and dyeing enterprises, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou and other places of printing and dyeing enterprises began to move to the industrial park, implementation of centralized control, changing the status of the printing and dyeing enterprises scattered; improve the enterprises to implement cleaner production consciousness. The 600 printing and dyeing enterprises in Taihu River Basin have carried out the clean production audit, transform the high consumption and low efficiency production industry, and promote the scale treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater. In Jiangyin, Wujin and other developed areas of printing and dyeing industry, has been set up more than and 40 treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater treatment plant. Is expected that by 2007, the province's printing and dyeing industry COD emissions cuts will reach about 40%.