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Definition and classification of dyestuff industry

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Dye is the material that can make the fiber and other material coloring,  divide natural and synthetic two kinds big.  Dye is the color of the material. But the color of the material is not necessarily dye. 
The definition of 
The classification of 
According to the state of 
Water paste paste oily water colored oil color: 
Ceramic pigment coating pigment textile pigment plastic pigment 
According to the source 
Natural dyes dye plant animal dyes synthetic dyes (also called artificial dyes) according to the usage of 
According to the nature of the dye and application method of 
Direct dyes insoluble azo reactive dye vat dye soluble vat dyes sulfur dyes sulfide reduction phthalocyanine dye oxidation condensation dye dye Disperse dye acid acid mordant dyes and acid containing media basic dyes and cationic dyes < br / > 
Reactive dyes, also known as reactive dyes. This kind of dye was only developed in 50s. Its molecular structure contains one or more of the active groups, under appropriate conditions, can react with the fibers to form a covalent bond. It can be used for the dyeing of cotton, hemp, silk, wool, viscose, nylon, vinylon and other textiles. 
paint For in all fibres, through mechanical resin attached to the fibers, dark fabrics will harden, but color is very accurate, most of the light fastness is good, good washing fastness, especially light.