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The latest development trend of dyeing and finishing industry: equal emphasis on

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Is the key elements of innovation of dyeing and finishing: 
Meet the requirements of the state for the development of industry and products, in line with the needs of structural adjustment and transformation of economic development mode. Conscientiously implement and implement the State Council issued the "textile industry adjustment and revitalization plan", the Ministry issued the "printing and dyeing industry access conditions" and a series of guidance documents. 
Clean production and energy saving and emission reduction, which is the need for the country and the people's livelihood, the gradual change end treatment for the source of pollution, in the recycling economy and the next effort. Combined with the specific content to strengthen the online detection and monitoring of equipment, especially the necessary measurement configuration, to lay the foundation for cleaner production and energy saving and emission reduction. 
New energy, new material application, multi processing technology. New technology, new technology, new equipment, new safety and environmental protection dyeing auxiliaries application. 
Pay attention to high technology for the transformation of traditional industries, such as biological engineering, digital technology, physical (such as super critical CO2 fluid technology, plasma treatment, laser, ultrasonic technology) nano, change of grafting. The content of technological innovation should reflect the primary and secondary, level and distance, industry, enterprise, scientific research institutions, the central and local should be divided into: basic research, attention to the strategic significance of the study. 
Technology innovation to strengthen the combination of software and hardware, chemical and mechanical and physical methods, combined with research and production, combined with the combination of products and goods. 
The improvement of dyeing and finishing technology and products is a systematic project. Like a plane, from nose to tail as raw material, two wings like equipment and dyeing auxiliaries pilot like talent, are indispensable. Blue sky is like a big market, the weather is unpredictable, there will be color and color trends of the change. Sustainable development of dyeing and finishing industry can be said to be inseparable from the "environmental protection, innovation, management," the 6 words. 
Environmental protection: 
Environmental protection is the basis for sustainable development of the industry. Over the years, many social phenomenon to compare "blundering", emphasis on "economic benefits", there is no straighten out the economic benefit and social benefit. In fact, this is very important for the enterprise. As a person, suits, but spitting. For people, "only" and "Virtue", both indispensable, "have both ability and political integrity" and "de" is the foundation. 
Environmental protection is also a "moral" problem, the problem of social morality and social morality, that is often said that the issue of social responsibility. Therefore, the printing and dyeing enterprises used in raw materials, technology, equipment, emissions and other social, environmental, ecological and human health should be responsible. Now in the society, there are some problems, such as: food add melamine in Sudan, milk powder to add the phenomenon, has a direct harm to the contemporary people and even the next generation of health. It also reflects the these people "de" serious deficiencies and mercenary. 
Assume the due social responsibility, but also to meet the requirements of environmental protection, safety, health, is the bottom line of this industry. 
Innovation is the cornerstone of the sustainable development of the industry. 
Printing and dyeing products change with each passing day, ever-changing, innovative content also includes aspects: from design, specifications, fashion trends, raw materials, technology, equipment, dyes and auxiliaries, marketing mechanism, management and other many aspects. 
Industry is now facing the problem is the first production capacity. At the enterprise level there is more similar products, disorderly price competition. At present, printing and dyeing cloth every year than last year a net increase of quantity and dyeing cloth accounted for the proportion of fabric reflects the capacity of conventional products or road products is a problem. At the same time, water pollution, air pollution, the disorder of the resources consumption, reflecting the blind extension of the low level of many enterprises, this can only be a simple "quantity type", "processing" of the development. 
The proportion of the export of the relationship: This is the market positioning and product positioning of the first issue, which should be an objective ratio, rather than man-made. Therefore, the industry would like to study what the market, what kind of product production to countries most profitable, or in the best interest of the industry, the enterprise the trade-offs in resource, energy, industrial chain, technical strength, sales and environmental aspects of the possibility, namely "degree". "Degree" should be consistent with the laws of nature and economy, both of which are important in the structural adjustment of scientific leverage. 
To learn from the differentiation of market segments, so that the brand terminal textile improve profitability, and gradually form a competitive brand. Overseas some printing and dyeing factory 80% of the profits from 20% of the products, which for Chinese enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises is a revelation. For those enterprises in the production of hundreds of millions of meters, to get a bigger breakthrough, but also need to create a new way of development.